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Originally Posted by HuyFishin View Post
Can anyone also tell me if this fish is a pink or coho?
Cool trip and congrats on winning the derby. Iíve tried fishing for Chinook out of a kayak a couple times but to be honest havenít caught one yet so I can tell you it isnít an easy feat.

I knew a guy who is since deceased that caught a 50+ pound Chinook out of a kayak in Rivers Inlet 25 years ago. He was a die-hard kayak fisherman long before it became popular like it is now. They got a good picture from another boat of him in the kayak with the Tyee lying over it, then he let it go. It was the picture his family posted with his obituary so you can tell how much it meant to him.

As for wether the below salmon was a coho or pink it is really hard to say. Iíve watched the split second of video over and over and Iím leaning towards coho because I couldnít see any spots on the tail and to me it looks and fights like a coho, but who knows. Iíve caught literally thousands of each and it could go either way.

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