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Default My First Ever Chinook Salmon was biggest one at West Coast Kayak Angler Series derby!

Words Cannot describe the thrill I had when I saw this Salmon rise from right below me. This chinook is my first one, First pacific cod and biggest rockfish i've ever caught.

For anyone looking into Kayak angling I highly recommend it! The sit on top kayaks are extremely unsinkable and self scupping. If you guys were looking to purchase a yak use stringtheoryanglings discount code at aquabatics edmonton and calgary. I believe they have incentives for preordering one for early next spring.
Can anyone also tell me if this fish is a pink or coho?

EDIT * I also forgot to mention, This chinook won me a fishing package from PureFishing. Penn fierce 3 reel, rod, spiderwireline a Buzzbomb package and some numerous other things.


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