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Originally Posted by Pikebreath View Post
Really glad to hear that there are fly fishers in Alberta who know as much or more than Barry Mitchell and can't learn anything at all from him,,,

Trout anglers in particular in Alberta owe Barry a huge debt for his willingness to pass on his considerable knowledge about trout fishing in Alberta and even more importantly his efforts to protect, restore and enhance Alberta cold water fisheries. I sometimes shudder to think what shape our fisheries would be in today without Barry's dedicated strong willed advocacy and action on behalf of our streams and the trout that live in them.
Well said indeed,I hope I never get so arrogant so as to think that I couldn't learn anything new about fishing or hunting,although I'm sure it must be a state of perpetual bliss when you are a legend in your own mind and think you know everything.😂😝

Personally speaking,I bought Trout Highway my first summer living in Alberta 7 years ago as the book's reputation preceded itself,I'd actually heard tell of it in my native NB,and it was one of my first purchases with my first pay check upon landing here.I have Mr.Mitchell to thank for steering a new Albertan in the right direction and shaving decades off the learning curve and
spending unknown thousands of $$ on gas that it would have required to discover such beautiful places on my own,if ever.FWIW,I was already an avid salmon/trout flyfisher of 30+ years experience back east,glad I wasn't so foolish to think I couldn't learn anything from the likes of BM on his home turf.
I remember being so stoked as a starry eyed new Albertan reading it cover to cover in one sitting that I vowed to fish every drainage and trib in the book eventually,lol......I've actually crossed most of the major drainages off my bucket list so far,or at least wet a line in most all of them from Hinton south to Montana border(?)...probably would have done them all by now if it weren't for stupid work always messing with my fun time over the last few years especially...but hey,a guy can't pay for flyrods,rifles and gas with magic beans.😖
I owe a debt of gratitude to Barry Mitchell,as no doubt thousands of others in this province do....RIP

(I still have quite a few streams to cross off the list)
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