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Originally Posted by RavYak View Post
I have never read it but you have to realize that the data in that book is now 17+ years old. Any info specific to certain waterbodies is going to be questionable at best due to how much things have changed during this time. Lots of people do speak highly about it though so might be worth a look, just take the info with a grain of salt.

Upon a quick search I found that Calgary central library has a copy for in library use only. Might be your best bet to at least go take a look through it and figure out if it is something actually worth trying to find your own copy of.
I found it more useful in identifying water bodies to fish. Yes the quality of fishery probably changed since then, for good or bad, but all the same species are still there. Except for maybe the upper pembina. Doesn't seem to be anything left there, and it's closed
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