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Originally Posted by SamSteele View Post
I use a Humminbird Helix 10 G3N DI that is linked to my Ulterra and my helm unit, a Helix 9 G3N SI. Networking them all allows me to control my Ulterra from either unit, as well as seeing my SI off my helm from the bow.

I build maps using Autochart Live and the maps I build can be used by my Ulterra to follow the contour lines built in Autochart.

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I have a Helix 7 SI GPS G2N about a year old. This spring I got a new boat with an Ulterra that has Mega DI. My Helix doesnít support the Mega DI and Iím wondering if it is worth getting an upgrade unit for the Mega DI. Is the Mega DI much better than the original DI? I canít seem to find any comparison information.

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