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Originally Posted by tirebob View Post
Lots of variables. The main immediate concern is load carrying capacity. LT just signifies anything of a load range C (6 ply rating) or higher, but depending on the weight some LT tires may not be enough. Sometimes DOT/Police etc officers do not really understand tires themselves and can cause you grief if they think you do not have a proper ST product on a trailer. Even though the load is fine they can still use it as an excuse to give you a hard time. It isn't super common but it isn't unheard of either.
Actually, the first thing I think of when I read all these threads about switching from ST to LT tires on RVs is what an insurance company would say in the event of an accident where the type of tires used may come in to play. Or mabe that's a non issue as long at the load rating etc. is appropriate? We all know how they hate paying out claims.
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