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I owned both a Lund 17 fisherman which was the next model up from your pro sport and a Kingfisher 1875 sport jet 12* Hull at the same time for one summer. The kingfisher is BETTER and SAFER in rough water than the POS Lund was. They ride about the same through the chop (pound your guts out) the only advantage the Lund had was being able to trim the motor to affect bow height but still it was a draw for ride. If you did want to pound through the waves that weak ass Lund could never be able to take it for long. Next thing I know every screw is coming loose and rivets are starting to leak.

In the big water the kingfisher is miles better, full height transom and recessed bow with scupper drains that keeps water up front and does not let it flow right through to the stern. When that Lund would take a wave over the front it ended up in the bilge. Also that low transom would take water over the stern and into the bilge it went.

Down side to the Kingfisher is the POS Merc 2 stroke sport jet. They can blow up anytime between 1 and 1000 hours. Mine was good though. Also they do burn a bit more fuel 200hp at the jet (250hp optimax power head) compared to a smaller outboard that was half the Hp. Also the Lund was way wider and more stable at rest. 2 guys leaning over one side would tip much less than one guy leaning over the side of the Kingfisher. Another downside is the jet is hard to control at low speeds and reverse sucks bad. I maneuver with the kicker if I have to.

I took both boats to the limit and beyond. FWIW I sold the Lund and have not regretted it even for one second. I run rivers and lakes about 50/50 and the one boat does it all.

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