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Default Snares

No trouble with the questions, that's what these forums are all about.
My snare is 1/16 cable about 5-6ft long, you attach these to a lead, which can be 5, 6, even up to 10ft long depending on what's available to attach to.
The lead has a swivel on the end of it, the idea of the lead is to allow the animal off the trail, to the side,so you can re-set there, and, you don't use as much snare cable either.

I don't have any pics of the snares, maybe later, I'll take some and post them

Your snares sound like they're made right. You'll need collars,I believe mine are 3/32 collars, some fellows, use transparent plastic too, about a 1" piece, this would be like a sheath right on your snare cable. These collars are above your locks, they are to hang your snares and prevent them from closing. I am using 9gauge wire from UFA to hang mine, you put a little kink in the end of the wire so that the wire points up, this makes the snare hang up, instead of down, which would make it close.
Hope this helps and good luck to you.
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