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Default First time Coyote's

Hey guys, new to the board and new to the Coyote game:

I have a couple coyote's in the garage drying, this is the process I did for them, looking for any other tips or suggestions.

Shot 2 coyote's
Skinned them, put them on a stretcher, washed both sides with garden hose and a little Dawn. Did my best with fleshing, (weak point). Dries skin out for 20-24 hours, turned them hide out, combed with a fine wire brush.

I had a guy tell me instead of removing the ear cartilage, he just puts 2 slices from the base of the ear to the tip of the ear, then he pins them towards the eyes. I have had people tell me, no this is wrong, make sure to remove the cartilage. This guy tells me if you just cut them they will dry without removing them.

I am also told the adjustable stretchers are not recommended now. is this true, I do have solid wood ones but I sure like the adjustable's??????

Below are my first 2 dogs, click on image to enlarge I guess, can anyone see anything wrong with what I am doing. The one on the right I thought was pretty big????????

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