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Originally Posted by Gboe8 View Post
Cold weather is helping big time. Nearly 30 coyotes in the last week. Set up four new baits today man was it cold.
I was wondering how you were doing. Did you hit 100 yet? You must be getting close.

Originally Posted by H380 View Post
Not gonna laugh at you buddy , Im checking tomorrow and hoping I dont have any more damage . That the first with mange this year ?
Yes, first one with mange. Caught one last week with shoulder mites and a couple with red belly but that's it. Everything else has been really, really nice.

I have to get some snares hung tomorrow because there are hardly any left. Gonna have to suck it up like Gboe. Nice to have tracks in the snow to tell me where to set and to cover any spots that were disturbed. It's getting real fun now.
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