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Good on you Carts.

I started this same project on 1 rifle, then it evolved into 2 builds.

Glad to hear your going about this the wize way in your planing.

These are my 2 builds, 1 is my own, I own full responsibility on how I want it to go down with the input of my gun Smith friends input to get me there.
That way I can cry once at the cost of getting it right the first time,,, and Grin from ear to ear knowing it is correct to a T.

I'll pm you his contact if your after custom custom.

So far I'm at about $1500 on this build all in, including optics. It is soon to see another few add-ons this winter.

Rifle 2 is his magic. It is $$$ and a tack driver for National match shooting sports.
The laminated Cheery Wood stock and birds eye maple is some sweet.
The MCR stock by Chris is pricey, but the rifle would struggle with out it. My builder has this to a science, I reap the rewards of his expenses and experience in these shooting sport ideas.
Very keen at selecting a stock that pulls things together.
We get to talk things threw, our decision into the build, and hopefully end up with the custom fit we want like your father inlaw.

I'll PM you later after supper so you can find more ideas that will hopefully allow you to find new ideas on a all round rifle that drives your passion Carts.

I'm past my 50 mark and never thought I'd ever own 1 custom rifle, here I am today with 1 and a 1/2 of them that will push my shooting skills to the max.

Like my friend says, "A rifle that is 2 to 3 X's better then us the shooter, that way the only thing left to sort is the ammo, shooting form, and the winds.
Sure nice knowing that my rifle categories are taken care of.

Chat with you later my friend.

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