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Originally Posted by catnthehat View Post
Here's my take on the whole range use/ prihib/ restricted thing and I have discussed thus with the other RSO's at our range.
As an RSO it is my duty to ensure that our range safety rules and procedures are followed , it is NOT to be an expert on what is currently prohibited and what is not .
However there are some firearms that I am familiar with and will inform the shooter they can't use them on our range . The .50 BMG is one .
There are so many legal semi autos that use larger than 5 round magazines that I don't bother looking at any of them as long as they are being used safely .
20-30 rounds of rapid fire with no magazine change gets people's attention, and the complaints start rolling in. Then we have no choice, but to investigate the complaints. And with all volunteers, that is time we don't need to waste, which is why we added the rule banning prohibited firearms, except for official law enforcement activities. If a person fired five rounds at a normal pace, and then changed magazines, most people wouldn't notice.
Only accurate guns are interesting.
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