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Originally Posted by elkhunter11 View Post
If these charges hold up in court, and the courts decide that officers are not allowed to use prohibited firearms when off duty, it's a non issue, a range can't knowingly allow illegal activities to take place on the premises. If the charges don't hold up, it will be up to the membership to decide if they want to make an exception for law enforcement. But as angry as most range members were when the OIC came out, if this case is dismissed, they will be even more angry, so I don't see that happening.
Here's my take on the whole range use/ prihib/ restricted thing and I have discussed thus with the other RSO's at our range.
As an RSO it is my duty to ensure that our range safety rules and procedures are followed , it is NOT to be an expert on what is currently prohibited and what is not .
However there are some firearms that I am familiar with and will inform the shooter they can't use them on our range . The .50 BMG is one .
There are so many legal semi autos that use larger than 5 round magazines that I don't bother looking at any of them as long as they are being used safely .
Anytime I figure I've got this long range thing figured out, I just strap into the sling and irons and remind myself that I don't!
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