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Originally Posted by elkhunter11 View Post
Or other range members saw a person in civilian clothes, shooting a prohibited firearm on the range and reported it to the executive, who investigated, identified the person and made their report to the CFO and police as they are supposed to do, when someone is committing an illegal act on the premises.

I have had exactly that happen at our range, but the people with the AR were still present when I got there, so I chose to remind them of the range rules, and asked them to remove the AR from the premises immediately. I was not aware that they were law enforcement, until one of them flashed a badge. At that point I told them again to remove the AR as the rules applied to everyone, after a bit of hesitation by the one that flashed the badge, they left. Had they refused to leave, the local police would have been called, and a report would have been filed with the CFO.
A lot of what ifs
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