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Originally Posted by aardvaark View Post
I've got a T3 hevi barrel in 204R (think its 24") all factory except for the stock (which I broke with my ribs in a car wreck but that's another story). I can usually do better with 32gr Vmax than 40Vmax. Side by side groups, on average, are about .25" larger with the 40's than the 32's. These are all handloads. At the speeds I'm producing, ballistics show that the 32 shoots flatter and has similar energy than the 40 as well so I pretty much stay with the 32's. I rarely go past about 300 yds cuz I'm just not confident out there.

That hevi barrel is a pain to carry around, and awkward to manoever/shoulder but it's my fav gun to shoot.

I'll find my speed/recipe and post it later.
I'd appreciate that, thanks! I've owned a .204R in the past (a Cooper sporter-weight barrel, my only foray into guns in that $ range) and to be honest, I prefer varmint hunting with a synthetic stocked-heavy barrel. I know the Savages are shooters, I've owned a couple and my current varmint gun is a model 10 in .223. I think it's Tikka time, but I'm really trying to put the bullet preference first......if that makes sense. The thought of a Tikka varmint preferring 32gr. V-Max bullets (hand loads) would be very good news to me.
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