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Originally Posted by 58thecat View Post
yup and throw the reel on it good to go.....I have seen these rods take a eating and still keep on wife has caught literally 100's of lakers, walleye and pike with some cases I would say she is a little light for the fish but it works issues to date ohhh and wont break the bank account too
I agree with these guys. And not trying to be rude but if youre snapping them from changing bait etc its because you arent overly careful with your rods and doubling them over back towards the handle. Most rods cant take that sort of strain, high price or low price. So then i would really recomended the ugly stik being fiberglass will have alot of forgiveness. My grandpa absolutely treats his rods like crap, including doing what youre doing and his is still perfectly fine.

Good luck!
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