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Originally Posted by EZM View Post
The other thing, and this is a different discussion, is what materials and manufacturing methods allow the rod black to exhibit variable flex, memory, return, etc.. characteristics in different parts of the rod to get the optimized or desired performance.

The ugly sticks, often don't have this compound or variable construction - like a parabolic heel and a stiff fast action tip as one example.

There is a difference in rods and what you get for your money.

It does get closer as the price tag goes up - but at $50 rod versus a $150 rod is a BIG difference.
in the hands of a common angler nope....50 bucks or 150 bucks makes no difference now in a seasoned tourney fella hands yup....kinda like a fella having a beauty porche….never will he drive it to the capabilities of a pro driver but to each their own cuz sometimes sitting around bs'ing people like to talk price tags as apposed to results....the average fella will do well to save the cash and get a ugly stick and a nice reel....I don't have one but like I mentioned the wife does with a Pflueger reel....this season alone and I kid you not well over 50 lakers landed and yup well over 100 eyes too....toss in a lot of pike....not sure what the deal is but the tip of her rod is clear...sensitive? Either way she slays the fish with this rod....and didn't cost me another sports car

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