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Hey guys,

Give you one last little update, have some dates left still that are shoulder season and discounted but the fishing for Chinook in May is pretty darn good and very underrated and fishing for Coho in September on 12 lb test is some of the most fun you will bottomfish and halibut is great all year!

One Boat (2-4 Fishermen)
Sept 4-6 (Disounted)

Two Boats (2-8 Fishermen)
May 24-26 (Discounted, have TV Show with us here too)

Three Boats (2-12 Fishermen)
Sept 7-9 (Discounted)
All Inclusive Salmon and Halibut Fishing Lodge
Full Family Operation
Port Hardy, BC

The BEST Chinook Salmon and Halibut Fishing On the Coast
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