Thread: 30-06 re-bore?
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Default 30-06 re-bore?

I'm thinking of using my ol' .30-06 Rem 760 pump as a donor to build a truck/bush/moose/deer gun and give the ol girl a makeover?
Thinking .338-06 or maybe .35Whelen?
Who in AB does this kind of work?
Looking to get bored and reamed,shortened from 22" to carbine length/crowned(yea I know not optimum barrel length for these chamberings,but I don't care),cerakoted,and probably a Boyd's laminate stock?
Is my .30-06 donor barrel useable or will I need to order a new blank?
If I need to go with new barrel,I might just go opposite direction and build a rediculous barrel burner .22-06,lol.....seriously though....or maybe 6mm-06?
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