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Originally Posted by shep dog View Post
Specific numbers, facts, details...that would make your argument stronger.
Not here to argue...just stating facts;

From an old post...

"2019 levy revenue collected by the ACA from hunting and fishing licenses was $13.5 million

Of the $13.5 million collected, $7.3 million went directly to staff salaries alone
The ACA has a staff of about 80 people, of which 50 - 60 are biologists/techs
The CEO's salary is $305,000 per year"

The ACA collects $18.30 from each fishing licence, you need to sell 16,700 fishing licences to pay the yearly salary of the CEO of the ACA

55% of the levy goes to staff salaries alone...add to that trucks, fuel, building rental, communications, grants, insurance, travel, advertising and all other ancillaries....How much of the $13.5 million collected do you think actually results in tangible benefits "in the field"?

Read the financial reports that are freely available on their site...make your own decision if the levy money is well spent.

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