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$50.00 graphite rods break just as easily as $500.00 graphite rods. And sensitivity while not equal would be very hard to determine for the individual. I have G Loomis walleye rods that cost over $450.00 and other high end rods and also graphite rods that cost $40.00 to $60.00 that would be hard to tell by sensitivity alone. Weight would be easier to tell the difference and plays a roll in sensitivity.

That said I would have no issues using many the many graphite rods today even lower end rods.

Have competed in tournaments with lesser quality rods then the high end G Loomis, and St Croix and done quite well even in off bite situations.

Guys that have trouble with breaking graphite rods are better off with an ugly stick. And yes they will catch fish. And depending on your fishing methods you may catch more or as EZM says less

Also have some fenwick eagles in 7.0' ml that i use for dead sticking jigs but are very capable of finess jigging too (Ooops that was for another post/thread)

Edit: Actually EZMs 75.00 is pretty close. My last rod purchases were when the Dollar was closer to par. Which would have been around $50 or so back then.
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