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Originally Posted by urban rednek View Post
The reason that LEO's and Military personnel do not require an RPAL is that a considerable percentage of them could not pass the regular security checks that are applied to civilians with an RPAL. Concerns that would cause the CFO to forfeit your RPAL do not apply to them.
This is simply their way to get around the rules.
Iím just talking about LEOís here, you will need to pass a psyche exam and a defensive firearms course where you get tested on your knowledge and use of force option. You still have to qualify every year in the use of your firearm, then you have to be able to demonstrate that you still know how to use your force options every 3 years. If you donít pass your scenarioís, your firearm gets taken away and you get re-evaluated. You have to go through training, counselling, and then evaluated again.
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