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Originally Posted by gallery View Post
Sorry for the bad field pics but I have a question about this. This is the second bear I have taken from this stand, one last year and this one. Both bears were perfect double lung arrow shots full pass through with G5 broadheads. Neither bear leaked at all I searched for this one till dark and was able to recover it the next day. The hole is enough to put 3 fingers through. he traveled less than one hundred yard but in thick skag. Even when I recovered him there was no blood where he died. When I skinned him though it seems like it is all channeled in his fat. Has anyone else experience this? Bear last year was easy to find only went 30 yards but it also had no blood on the ground
I shot mine last night double lung not one drop of blood heard it go down about 100 yards away. Never looked that hard for blood but I couldn’t find any.
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