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Id have to disagree and say if you like him, take him. Seems that people think they are like deer and will show significant growth in a year, but Ive had lots of bears that may fluctuate weight wise year over year, but essentially once they hit their potential there is almost no change if any to skull size and overall length. Bears are very much like us......doesnt matter what you feed a 59 man who is the age of 50 he is still going to be 59 with a skull essentially the same size (skull might increase a bit on bears as the orbitals will continue to grow a while after the rest of the skull maxs out). If you look at states with mandatory registration and tooth aging, there is very little correlation between age and skull size after the first few years. There are 4 yr old booners and 15 year old bears with 18 skulls. And there are 500lb bears with 18 skulls, and 250lb bears with 20 skulls. Not every man will be 6.5ft tall with a head that you cant fit a hat on, same goes for bears. If you like him, a year wont do much for you.
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