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awsome info on here guys what is the odds of seeing some pics posted of some thing other then just coyotes as they seem to be the most common pic posted
if possible maybe lnyx wolves marten and fishers on and off the boards as well
it has always amazed me when a grown man stands beside something on a board just how long some animals are
on a side note how big of an area do lynx travel in?
one area i know in about a 5mile radius i find a lot of lynx tracks and have only seen one in 10 years but outside of this area i don't find many tracks just curious on this
i used to spend hours helping my grandpa check his traps when i was little and got to watch him skin mink muskrat and beaver before he died he taught me how to skin coon and fox but have never taken up trappping on my own since moving to alberta 15 years ago i havent done any of it but love seeing the results and hearing the stories about it all
good luck all
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