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Originally Posted by skinny d View Post
I have found using a BP measure to be slow tedious and quite frankly a pain in the rear end. Most are aware that modern shot shell presses (I use a lee loadall ) simply do not throw enough powder. So I had a friend 3d print a charge bar that holds 2 shot bushings so now I can throw a square load fast and no spilling.
That is pretty cool!
I honed out an insert for one of my MEC 600 loaders years ago, and used it for throwing the charges and setting the wad pressure as well( the MEC has a scale on it)but have since gone back to throwing my charges by hand then setting the wads by hand for over the powder, then throw the shot charge with the machine and set the wad pressure when I put in the overshot wad
I charge 50 at a time and insert wads in.
Anytime I figure I've got this long range thing figured out, I just strap into the sling and irons and remind myself that I don't!
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