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Default Fist elk with the bow.

Iíve been bow hunting for 35 years. Taken most of the big game animal we have in Alberta with my bow and even have a caribou (Manitoba) and a wild Turkey. But for some reason I have never taken an elk. Had a few opportunities but could never seal the deal. Well that unlucky streak came to an end Friday night. He came in completely quiet and really only responded to cow calls. Finally ranged him at 55 yards. I have been practicing every 2 days for the last 2 months so felt extremely confident when I let my arrow fly. Text book shot right behind the shoulder. Punched through both rib cages and lungs which made for a very short 60 yard recovery. Luckily in a wide open pea field and the farmer allowed us to drive the truck right to it. Special thanks to the landowners out there who allow us to hunt their properties. And an even bigger thanks to my wife for supporting all my hunting and fishing adventures all these years. Good luck to everyone. Be safe and straight shooting.

*I can never figure out how to make the pictures bigger when posting. If anyone knows how please feel free to do that for me*
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