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Originally Posted by Passthru View Post
Sounds frustrating. Try to adapt with a plan b or c then. You mentioned you hiked in, maybe hike away from the trails were atvs canít get to? People will ruin hunts , itís becoming more common on public land. Iím on plan B, had locals honking their car horns at first light on opening day. I pulled my set and went to a plan B spot that I scouted during the summer. I didnít want to deal with that headache. Guys just want to hunt and not have to worry about other humans. Gotta roll with the punches, happens to us all
Already on it. Pulled up the tent stakes and saving the vacation days for another time. I may go back in there once the snow makes OHVs impractical if the tag doesn't get filled before then.

Truth be told I'm not upset to see other dudes out there so long as they're following the same rules I am. I tend to hunt country that requires some physical fitness to access and where OHVs are not allowed. Running into another guy who hiked his way in the same way I did will earn him some respect and a friendly chat.

These D bags fully acknowledged they were breaking the law and then had the audacity to ask who I was and where I was from. Even had their license plates flipped so you couldn't take a plate number down.
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