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Default Keen to Fly

Hey all, just signed up and glad to see that there is a thread like this one that is already up and going.

Just moved from Australia. (No, not working up in the ski hills)

I visited Calgary at least once a year for the last 6 years as this is my Wife's home town. I have had some success on a few floats from Country Pleasures with my father in law who got me hooked on the fly.

Back in Oz, I was a bait fisherman as it enabled me to have one spare hand for a beer. Chased big red snapper, sharks and anything else that made the Rod Buckle.

I started to fly fish both salt and fresh back home and had some luck. A few small brown trout from pocket stream and some Australian salmon using some self tied clousers. Knowing that I was moving here, I saved myself until I got here where the real action is.

My Fly boxes are full and tippet is tied, I am keen to get some local knowledge and to find some new water. (and fish)
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