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Originally Posted by Mb-MBR View Post
Never really seen eye to eye with you on many fronts due to our different lineages but wish you well on a speedy recovery and hope you can get out to arrow a critter or two.....cant shoot them sitting around the shack so I wouldn't write off archery season, karma works both ways.

In spite of not seeing eye to eye, I know you'd like me in person and in hunting camp....

Get well....
Mb-MBR, I know for a fact wed get along great in person, and I also know how you think I feel about our different lineages and how I actually feel about them are very different. Its not the lineages, its our government who has done neither of us any favors, and that is as deep as it gets with me.

In any case, I do appreciate the well wishes. I have gotten out Hunting once this year so far with my son, Ive still got a long road ahead as far as mobility goes with my leg. This year will be more of a scouting/guiding season but hopefully by next year Ill be running at 75-85%. Doc says 1-3 year recovery with my injury.
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