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Originally Posted by Serengeti Charters View Post
Salmon fishing past couple of days has been extremely good! 2 days ago caught two 25 lb Chinook as well as a 30lbser. Yesterday in 2 hours got into 9 Chinook, most around 12-18lbs, but it is only May after all and our primetime is June-Aug, so size will only get bigger and bigger as we go! Limited out on bottom fish, as soon as we hit bottom it's fish on, our spots are unmatched anywhere on the west coast! Heading out tomorrow assuming weather is ok, will update you again.

Have 2 spots open for 2011, July 9-11 and July 20-22, Max from the forum is also trying to find 3 or 4 guys to go out with him July 26-28. Throw me a PM if interested, really impressed with all the guys coming out with us this year


Fishing yesterday was once again good, did exploratory day and found even more bottomfish holes, limited out on bottomfish once again! The bottomfishing here is unmatched. Went out with fellow guide and we talked about the many reasons we have the best salmon fishing on the coast. We get both fish headed to west coast of island, oregon, cali, washington, plus all the fish heading to mainland inlets and rivers. We have the most bait on the coast, so the fish hold up in our area for days at a time! There is literally no other place on the coast with as consistent as fishing as we have, and the vast majority of days on the water are limit days for salmon.
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