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Default End of May Salmon Fishing DEAL!

Wow, time flies and the boats are going in the water this week! Can't wait to get the first trip of the year in. The Ms Heather 3 has brand new engines on as well and all the boats were made brand new again top to bottom, plus all our gear was all serviced and is once again like new. Nothing but the best when fishing with us. It will be a great season, as salmon predictions are similar to last year and halibut/bottom should be as good as ever as well. I know reports I have heard from on the water in the first couple days of May for salmon were described as "the best ever"...and I realize this phrase is used often but from my source I've honestly never heard him say that. I can give you a first hand account in only a week as well though!

We are completely sold out from June 1-Sept 1 but do have some other great shoulder season dates open. We are offering a last minute deal of 25% off for May 26-31. This can be some of the best Chinook salmon fishing numbers of the season. While size is not quite as large as later you are still looking at a 15-18lb average. Plus no one else on the water...bottomfish and halibut are completely untouched as well. Do not discount the salmon fishing then, if you can make it this is one heck of a deal.

This means for a 3 day all inclusive trip during this time period you can get it for as low as $1893 CDN.

We also have Sept 1-6 open at 15% off, best time all season for Coho salmon and the Chinook that are around are usually the largest of the year, although numbers are starting to go down.

I hope to have some of you out at the end of May as it is a great fishery that is highly underrated and you can get the trip for one heck of a price!

If you have any questions let me know, my next update will be full of fishing pictures. Can't wait to have many of you AO guys out this year.

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