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Originally Posted by Huntnut View Post
European Butchers usually premix a batch of suitable spices that are complete except for salt and cure and called a "Spice Block".
Then they can dose their batches easily.
One such cure for Dry Cured Bacon is a mix of spices from Southwestern Germany in the Black Forest region. Best chefs/restaurants in Germany are from this region IMO
Every Chef has their own special "Black Forest Spice Block"
But typically you might find, Mace, Nutmeg, Cardamom, White Pepper and Sugar.
One special aspect of the area is that you may see the bacon getting smoked with resin woods-pine, juniper etc
How much cure/salt do you use on that much meat?


That's the beauty of this system.
All by weight
so for every KG of meat
20 grams Salt
20 grams of Spice Block
2.5 grams of Cure

So if you look at the label eg. it was 2.652 kg
So multiply 2.652 x 20grams salt=53.04 grams salt-round down to 53grams.
It will be the same for the spice block 53grams.
Cure is 2.652 x 2.5grams cure=6.63grams- I round down to 6.5 grams.

So it doesn't matter whether you make 1 kg or 50,000 kg-just multiply it out and round it of.
IMHO-There is no place in the modern world for measuring cure and spices by volume-Cups-TSP's etc

I would not do it on my reloading bench and I would NEVER do it for something that I was going to eat.
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