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Originally Posted by elkhunter11 View Post
If we could unite all firearm owners to oppose this, we might be able to at least mount a significant opposition to this. But the sad fact is that many firearms owners don't own the firearms that will be effected by the first round of prohibitions, and they simply don't care. Some of our AO firearms owners have even posted support for more restrictions, so with firearms owners divided, we have zero chance of mounting an effective resistance. If the current government is elected, the prohibitions will come, and once the first round is complete, round two will occur, and more firearms will become prohibited. Eventually the prohibitions will include the more common hunting rifles and shotguns, and the people that had previously not cared, will start screaming their opposition, but by then it will be far too late, we will be past the point of no return. At this point, we need to elect a new government, and at least delay this nonsense, hoping that more firearms owners will come to their senses , and see what the current governments long term plan is.
Well stated. Perfect description of the current situation and what will likely happen if the current federal government if re-elected. All firearms owners must unite, no matter what firearms they personally own.
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