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Interesting differences in responses. I suspect the “best” practice could be supported by LongBomber’s suggestion of actual testing for comparing groups and velocities.
I recall settling on the practice of dry brushing after reading (and being convinced) that a little bit of evenly distributed carbon inside the neck promoted a consistent release. Wish I could remember the source and go back to it, but...
It makes sense to me, that a very light coat of lube, regardless of type, would be conducive to consistent bullet seating and release. When I was using conventional sizer dies with an expander button, I would dry brush and apply lube with a q-tip before resizing. The “brush” was to remove crud and the lube was to make sure the button did not bind and possibly pull the neck out of line. I then wiped the inside of the neck with rolled up Kleenex to remove most of the lube. (Obviously, some remains.). Now that I remove expander buttons, I just brush as the lube is not required.)
After reloading thousands of bullets, one develops a “feel” to the resistance encountered during seating. If one feels different, it will probably perform differently.
It seems to me that seating into a bare/dry neck would increase the neck tension (effect)?
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