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Originally Posted by outdoorguy View Post
I ve picked up a T3 compact in .308 and have been trying to get an accurate load out of it with no consistent success. I have been using fired, tumbled, chamfered, trimmed Rem brass, Fed 210 primer, 46 gr Varget , 165 Nosler ballistic tip and OAL is 2.81. Does any one have some loads that have been accurate with their 308 that you would be willing to share.
I may also switch to 150 gr accubonds as in what I have been reading that appears to be a popular one for hunting.....
Can anyone help out with some information.

Thanks All!
The load specs you posted sounds a mite hot. OAL of 2.81 would be max mag length in a T3. A 150 gr. bullet with the same 46 gr. of Varget would still be close to max load. Check your distance to lands with either bullet. You can't go longer, and shorter would decrease case capacity, raising pressure.
I think 150 gr. bullets are optimum in a 308.
Start over with minimum load and work up in .5 gr. increments. But definitely find max OAL first, and allow at least 20 thou. jump.
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