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Originally Posted by 260 Rem View Post
I dont know if I should be offering any advice on 308 loads given that I am currently having a terrible time getting accuracy out of a newly chambered Bartlein barrel that to date has failed to produce a single 1/2 group at 100M
I should try 50BMGs recipe given his stellar results (1\3MOA @ 1000 yds tops International Benchrest Nationals results.)

I have shot a fair amount of 308 out to my hunting comfort zone of 300M so dont worry about loading hot. I suggest you start at 41.5 gr Varget and work up in .5 gr increments.
I have almost always found a sweet spot at about 42.0 grs with both 155 and 168 gr bullets... and often, another at about 44.0 grs.
If your barrel is telling you it doesnt like a particilar bullet, it is time try something else.
similar load use 168gr Berger hunting

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