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The dragon of good fortune

One day a man was walking on a trail far from home when he stumbled upon an old frail gentlemen sitting under a tree. The man asked the gentleman why he was sitting there? The gentlemen replied, because I have no where else to go. The man said come home with me and you can stay at my house, it isnít much but I have some food and it is warm.
The old frail gentlemen was hesitant and replied, I donít trust anyone anymore and the man replied back, you can trust me becuase I do what I say. The old frail gentleman accepted his offer and off they went to the mans home. When they got there the man said, well here we are. The home was an old shack made from bamboo and had a dirt floor, so they sat down and the man started a fire and made up his very last bowl of rice for the old gentlemen. He ate the rice and thanked the man who had helped him out. They both went to sleep and in the morning the man woke to find the old gentleman gone but in the place where the old gentleman had fallen asleep was a large chest full of gold.

I always thought this was a great story so I thought I would share it😎

Thereís not much time left.
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