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Originally Posted by 32-40win View Post
What gets me on this, is the way the article is written. Provost being a lobbyist for the Poly group, presented the list of laws they wanted changed to Goodale, and got over 50% of what they wanted, and Goodale instituted the groundwork to accomplish the rest of the goals of the Poly group also. CCFR pointed out her lobbying while on the CFAC and asked the Lobby commissioner to intervene, he backed Provost. She really has very little to complain about, she accomplished a lot. A lot of that is noted in the C71 thread.
In the Marxist/Leninist/Alinski/Bolshevik dictionary,
under 'useful idiots', there is a photo of Wendy, Heidi & Nathalie.

People just like them enabled the Democidal murder of 262 MILLION people in the last 100 years.

Never think or argue that gun control and civil disarmament has anything to do with 'public safety'.
History teaches us quite the opposite.

Good Luck, we are going to need it.
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