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Originally Posted by aiceeslater View Post
Iíve never been down there. If Iím coming from the north and just continue down 22 past the Longview area is it hard to find a good piece of river? Do you mind giving away a decent starting point?

Iíve watched some YouTube videos and seen photos of different groups fishing pools below some falls on the Oldman and it all looks like great water but my google earth skills arenít good enough to find the spot. Any advice you could give on the area would be much appreciated. Even if you wanted to DM me. I fish alone and try not to blow up anyoneís spot if that makes any difference to you. Just looking to get into the fish is all.
Just take cowboy trail south and you can park at may croft camping site right where the highway crosses the river or turn right directly after the bridge and drive back into the mountains, tons of spots to park and easy access

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