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Originally Posted by Groundhogger View Post
I'd appreciate that, thanks! I've owned a .204R in the past (a Cooper sporter-weight barrel, my only foray into guns in that $ range) and to be honest, I prefer varmint hunting with a synthetic stocked-heavy barrel. I know the Savages are shooters, I've owned a couple and my current varmint gun is a model 10 in .223. I think it's Tikka time, but I'm really trying to put the bullet preference first......if that makes sense. The thought of a Tikka varmint preferring 32gr. V-Max bullets (hand loads) would be very good news to me.
I'd have to say, with the twist this gun has and the barrel length etc it definitely shoots 32's better. Not saying a different gun with tighter twists won't shoot 40's better, but my combo definitely prefers 32. Also, don't forget, mine's a hevi barrel, the varmint could be diffferent. I've read it somewhere that the factory twist in most 204's is pushing the boundaries to get a 40 gr to stabilize. At least out to distance. So if you built one with a tighter twist -?-?

I've got 2 Tikka's and a Sako in my stable and they are my fav's. But that's also the top end of my $ bracket too, so my experience is different too. Having said that, my 270 is a Savage and I certainly have no complaints about it either. (The Timney trigger helps alot. Don't like the Accu trigger.)

I'll send a PM with my loads, you know, lawyer type reasons.

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