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Originally Posted by 260 Rem View Post
On Monday, a chap showed me his rifle (Rem 700 308) in which the case/bullet was stuck. He said the load "just fizzed" with no bang. He got the bolt open without extracting the case and subsequently had broken his carbon fibre rod trying to pound it out from the muzzle end .... so I offered him the use of my "just under 30 cal steel rod" which he used to pop the bullet/case loose. (No danger anticipated as the primer was spent) Once out, we examined the case .... and the base of the case was black with no visible primer. He was certain the primer had not come out when he got the bolt open. Closer examination -- primer had been put in upside down. Must have been close enough for the firing pin to crush it. Somehow, enough gas must have passed into the case and caused the bullet jamb in the lands?
Probably the primer sealed fine and blew the whole cartridge forward enough to stick the neck in the throat squeezed onto the bullet
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