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Originally Posted by 270hunter View Post
Got a whitetail doe this morning at 7:00. Shot her at 52 yards and she fell over. This was my first bow kill ever, since last two years Iíve only shot deer with my rifle. I got my licence when I was 12 but never got a good shot opportunity so 2 years later I finally found a deer I could shoot. Iíve been increasing my poundage and shooting at 54 pounds now allows me to shoot out to 60 yards consistently. This definitely gives me some confidence for when my target buck walks by. My dad and I were driving a road allowance to get to a mule deer spot in the bow zone by Calgary and she popped up. With the fog and the fact it was early this morning she just froze because she was confused. I snuck up a bit and got a shot off. Itís awesome because I put my bow zone antlerless tags on and can still hunt whitetail buck in November. Steaks are cut and wrapped and in the freezer. Just pumped!!!
Congrats on your first!

I have been bow hunting about 30 years. 90% of my shots have been under 30 yards. Anytime I have run into an issue the shot has been 50 plus.

I shoot a lot, I practice a lot, I have won several Provincial and National titles.

Reminder that archery is a game of how close not how far. Another reminder that a 50 yard shot is a long ways for things to happen, so keep that in mind because ultimately you have to live with the choices both good and bad that you make in the field.

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