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Originally Posted by nast70 View Post
Its a piece of paper, how hard is it to carry it? I photocopy several and stash them in all my gear. One in the truck, one in my backpack, and another in my jacket and a spare, just in case. Same goes with my fishing licenses. No reason whatsoever to not have a copy on you at all times. Its not the officers responsibility to prove you have a license by checking, its yours, its the law.
To much running around and looking for loopholes and what if scenarios. Its getting tired.
For sure ! It will probably cost you a lot of time and money to find a loophole that might work if you are even suspected of committing an offence .. and have to prove your innocence. It's the CO's call. Best not to play games.
When applied by competent people with the right intent, common sense goes a long way.
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