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Originally Posted by raab View Post
You keep saying untrained, its like your purposely missing the point. These people would be trained quite well!

And how would the situation have turned out different? 6 officers could have pulled up on scene surrounded the suspects and arrested them within 15 minutes. 4-6 guys show up with Semi Auto rifles and shotguns you have your scene controlled fairly quickly. Instead these idiots pull a gun on the owners take off then go do it again later. Maybe we should round up these criminals and come put them in your neighborhood. See if your patrol idea will work on crackheads that dont think logically.

Also you seem to be miss the point that EVERY small town in Alberta would have a department. Meaning the response zones would be fairly small for quick response times. Thats the whole point of making it POC, so most municipalities could afford to staff departments.
So if we are spending the time and money to train them why not have actual police? Push for a provincial police force.

So what do they do if they take hostages? You seem to think that just because some neighbor shows up with a semi auto all is well. What if the bad guys have them too?

Does your training involve hostage situations and crowd control?

Start a neighbourhood watch. They work. It takes a presence. .... basically your plan without the years of training and no guns.
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