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Originally Posted by rbirnie View Post
2 quick question for you guys???????

1. Fleas, when I shoot a coyote, (pending on how bad he is bleeding) I usually put him in a garbage bag, and spray raid in there. This is what I was told, He he is bleeding too bad to put in a garbage bag, I hang him up, then spray raid on him, wait 45min or so, then skin. Just wondering if this how everyone takes care of the fleas????Can a human get fleas from a coyote????

2. Carcass, when I am done skinning, I usually plant the carcass's in the bush, somewhere where I can only find it. This is the first place I go in the morning's to get my first dog of the day. I have not had anything eat them other than raven's, Will coyote's eat there own skinned species, or am I wasteing my time going here and doing this???????? I thought I can use this as kinda bait maybe?????? I usual split them open when I discard of them to make them stink good??????????

Thanks again for any comments or advice with these questions

i do the same most of the time or if u cant skinn them fresh and the coyote freezes that will kill the flease
i have got fleas from coyotes but they only last for 2 or 3 showers it u have a bath and put your head under water that helps. but they arnt much to wory about.

and this year i sent 126 hides to the sale i only traped 24 of them and only one was in a leg hold
snares are normaly beter for me untill this year where i found a spot that the coyotes where coming off of a feedlot dead pile and going to the creek i avreged 5 coyotes a day in this spot when the wind was right.

and one question what do u guys use for coyotes i use a 22-250
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