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Default Bavarian Style Turkey Smokies

Twisted up some coils made mostly from Turkey with some pork and beef fat.
Heavy smoke for Jambalaya

Per kg
70% Lean Turkey-mostly legs
15% Pork Fat
15% Beef Fat

16g Salt
3g Cure #1
2g Ground Black Pepper Mesh 32
1g Ground Coriander
1g Ground Caraway
2g Ground Red Paprika
.50g Cayenne Pepper
.50g Ground Allspice
.50g Ground Mace
.50g Ground Ginger
.50g Garlic Powder
.50g Dried Marjoram
1g Ground Hot Mustard

Pics to follow

120F in smoker 2 hours to dry
130F medium-heavy smoke 2 hours
170F medium smoke till done 148F
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