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Originally Posted by Remi3006 View Post
Great pics! Is that Black Widow in Alberta? Med Hat area? How common are they? Are they the same as the Black Widow we are all thinking of??
Yup, sure is. There are many species of black widow and this one is found into the U.S. and Mexico. Its venom is neurotoxic, but not usually fatal. There hasnít been a. Documented fatality in North America from this species. (But it wouldnít be fun. Itís painful and can cause pain for several months apparently.)

They arenít uncommon. They are usually found in gopher holes, with a messy, disorganized webs. Around human habitation, they like to build their webs not too high, but they like open space above and below their webs. Think the opening of a watering can or under a bench.

They are found in the southern belt of Alberta, probably right to the mountains. They are super fun to keep!
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