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Awesome, learned something new today, the lizards...very cool. Knew about the rest and someone did comment scorpions we have those? I didn't think we had. Also didn't know we had the hognose, never saw one of those at the denning area i found.

I discovered a denning site sometime ago a few hours from calgary, tons of garter snakes, 3 different color variations i always called the red siders, grey siders, and then i don't know what you call the one with the orange stripe and the lime green belly but they are my fav, only ever found the first two in and around calgary but when i found this denning area i found the third color variation.

Bull snakes and rattle snakes at this denning area also, caught a bull that had to be near 9' one day early spring, just came out and was warming up on a rock. Huge snake, i'm 6' tall and i held it up with a foot and a half on the ground and a foot and half beyond my hand held way above my head (tail nubbed shorter). Would not have tried to handle her if it was much warmer, she could barely move, will never forget that slow hiss she warned me with that just kept getting louder and louder as i wondered when it was ever going to stop...when i first started picking her cold self up, wish i had digital camera then...i had no camera. Left her there of course. Caught many rattle snakes there. The babies are quite something to see at the dens, so tiny.

Anyway, great pics and thanks for posting!
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