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Being that the Op was 2 years ago this November, I sure hope he found a good load by now.

Iím running 155 gr match bullets in my Palma/FTR rifle with 46 gr of Varget and have had zero problems so far, and Iím on my dozen or so loads on the same Winchester brass.

I also ran 165 gr Hornady BTSPís in a Win 88 with 45.8 gr of Varget with zero issues and good accuracy all with R-P brass.

Iím currently running a Savage 11 in .308 for a hunter class rifle for the Lefingwell shoot, and am having stellar results with 44 gr of Varget and 175 gr RDF Noslers in Lapua LR brass.

Iíve see some new reloaders ammo at the range and Iím certain the issues arenít with the choice of load, but with the amount of care and diligence in the loads assembly.

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